Logan Square Dog Park - Help us win the Beneful $500K Dream Park

26 October, 2012 0 comments Leave a comment

Hey dog-loving Chicagoans! How great are all these dog parks we have? Awesome, yes? Well Logan Square is currently getting ready to open up a brand new dog park for everyone to enjoy. This lovely dog park will be located right between N Artesian Avenue and N Western Avenue. The park will be opened with the support of by donations and sponsorships. Zerimax has become a proud Retriever-level sponsor of the dog park, and you can too. Check out LoganSquareDogPark.com for more details. One of our neighbors, Roxann Ruiz, and her dog Nacho are finalists for a $500,000 Dream Dog Park Grant from Beneful! Could the Dream Dog Park be ours?  Vote for Nacho!


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