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How Do You Pose Your Pet?

16 December, 2013 2 comments Leave a comment

Are you among the growing number of pet parents who include their furry loved ones in holiday photos and cards? Do you take your own picture or enlist the help of a professional? 
We've compiled a few tips to help you with that last minute photo shoot: 
For more details check out this siteclick here for more advice, or watch this video! 

Coal or Kibble: Holiday Spending on our Pets

05 December, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

The holiday season is upon us, which means snow (for our Northerly readers), wreaths, hot chocolate, and gifts. And for eight out of 10 pet owners, that means stuffing a stocking for our pups. What will you be spending on your pooch this holiday? 

Check out this news segment with some pet parents discussing their holiday shopping: 


Or watch PetSmart's CEO breakdown the numbers with CNBC when it comes to holiday gifts. 


According to the American Pet Owner's Association, Americans will spend $5 billion on dogs and cats this season, buying everything from special treats to Santa hats and themed collars. The pet industry overall has been growing steadily, grossing $17 billion in 1994 to an estimated $55.53 billion in 2013. The surge in pet spending isn't that surprising when you factor in how many more pets are out there; about 62% of American households have a pet today, compared to only 56% in 1988. 

We all have our reasons for bringing pets into our lives: a friend who always makes you smile, a companion who helps relieve stress, an animal to come home to and nurture.  In a recent survey, 54% of Americans "consider themselves to be 'pet parents' instead of 'pet owners'." No wonder nearly 63% plan on including their animal in their holiday cards.


The 2013 Pet Budget



Because our dogs are such important members of our families, we want to give the gift of safety this season. Whether you are a pet parent yourself, or know someone who is, a doggie seatbelt is the perfect gift for the stocking or wrapped under the tree. Pampering our pets is a natural way to show we care, but ensuring their safety is truly paramount. Plus, 5% of our proceeds help charitable organizations protecting animals.  

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