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max and peanut are both sick....

30 August, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

I think the heat wave in San Diego is kicking my boys butt.  Peanut has diarrhea and max has been throwing up.   Found this recipe:

We will see if it's works.  Geez so fun to clean up doggie messes.  We will definitely not be going to the dog beach tomorrow. 

We have moved to sunny san diego!!!

28 August, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Rachel is no longer doing her awesome posts!   We have moved and are getting settled in sunny San Diego.  In the mean time we are learning about BLOGGING.  Just testing this out, no one reads these posts anyway.  We will get back to reminding people that dogs need to get buckled in as well, so get a dog seat belt for your pup.  After all they are part of the family!

Peanut is a very important part of the team, his first shot at paddle surfing in gorgeous Del Ray Beach with Helen Woodward Animal Center :  

And the winner is...

15 November, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

We are excited to announce the winner of our 2nd annual Howl-oween Pet Costume Photo Contest (better late than never, we know!). Thank you to all who participated and voted; we doubled our number of entries from last year! With your help, zerimax continues to raise awareness for pet safety in the car. 


Drum roll please.


Congratulations to Amber and Brody!

Brody is a 2 year old Goldendoodle born in July 2012, and he joined Amber's family when he was only 8 weeks old in September of 2012.  
Amber and Brody spend most of their time hiking and running together.  They also love to travel together, and he most recently just went to Cape Cod! 
Speaking of travel and excursions, Brody stays safe with a secure harness that he cannot slip out of when on walks and hikes.  Amber uses reflective jackets and paw bands on runs and hikes to ensure he is always seen.  Amber also uses LED lit collars and leashes when walking at night to make sure cars can see him.  
Brody loves peanut butter and cheese and getting his picture taken. He is an Army brat and loves to be around the soldiers on post.  Ultimately Amber would love to help him become a therapy dog since he always brings a smile and joy to the soldiers and people he is around.
Worthy aspirations indeed! 
A HUGE thank you to Amber and all the dog parents who love Howl-oween and to our loyal pets who tolerate some awful costumes ;) 

Getting "Found" Faster

17 February, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

If you have lost your dog before, you know the panic, guilt, fear, and anxiety other pet parents have experienced during a similar situation. Your world speeds up and slows down simultaneously, as the worst-case scenarios flash through your brain along with a laundry list of actions to take to find your best friend; you know time is of the essence, but you are distraught, maybe even disoriented, and not sure how to start.

Thankfully, technology has replaced the old "Lost Dog" flyers posted to telephone poles. Finally, the instantaneous gratification of social media can be put to good use and do the leg work for us. Sites like Lost Dog Illinois share reports and blast photos on Facebook and Twitter to reach hundreds or thousands of "fans" and users.

A fellow Chicagoan recently benefited from this service and the awareness and outreach of other good dog-loving Samaritans. Four-year-old shih ztu, Gypsy, was found within five hours of slipping out of her backyard, and returned to her owner, Roger Harris, the following day.



You can read about Gypsy's story and the people who helped find her here.    

Check out Lost Dog Illinois or comment below and share similar sites, so we can all become part of these volunteer networks finding lost dogs! 

Share a photo, and show some LOVE

13 February, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we want to see how much you love your dog by keeping them safe. 
Post a picture of your Doggie Seatbelt in use (or another way you keep your pooch safe) to our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+ pages, and you will have the chance to receive a 25% discount on your next purchase at

The Right Fit: Harness vs. Collar

13 February, 2014 1 comment Leave a comment

The pet industry is saturated with clothing and accessories to customize for each of your pets. Zebra printed sweater? Jersey to support your favorite sports team? Bedazzled collar? 

We love the endless possibilities and the ability to express our pooch's personality with these choices. But at zerimax, safety is our first priority before fashion. And while a nylon harness may not be as stylish, it is often the safer option. We are fans of the harness for the ease and convenience when it comes to traveling with your pup. 

Our Doggie Seatbelt quickly clips on to your dog's back-attaching harness. This provides the proper restraint in case of an accident or sudden stop. A neck collar should not be used with the Doggie Seatbelt or any restraining device in the car. This could ultimately cause more damage to the throat and neck if the dog is flung from the seat. 

Outside of the car, harnesses are great for walks on the leash as well. Harnesses are the safest option for certain breeds, such as pugs and bull dogs with short muzzles and toy breeds and Greyhounds with delicate tracheas. Collars can create too much strain and pressure on the throat and restrict breathing. 

Harnesses can be beneficial to larger breeds who tend to pull and lunge. Again, with a collar, these behaviors will put more strain on the dog's neck, which may cause harm in the long term. A harness distributes the force across the entire chest, instead of focused around the neck. 

If harnesses seem daunting with all the straps and clasps, do not fret. While each brand may have a slightly different, the following directions are a great overview of the steps for overhead and step-in varieties



The proper fit is essential when it comes to your dog's harness. Check out our sizing chart for help and recommendations. 

Share your harness experiences and preferences in the comments below! 


Coal or Kibble: Holiday Spending on our Pets

05 December, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

The holiday season is upon us, which means snow (for our Northerly readers), wreaths, hot chocolate, and gifts. And for eight out of 10 pet owners, that means stuffing a stocking for our pups. What will you be spending on your pooch this holiday? 

Check out this news segment with some pet parents discussing their holiday shopping: 


Or watch PetSmart's CEO breakdown the numbers with CNBC when it comes to holiday gifts. 


According to the American Pet Owner's Association, Americans will spend $5 billion on dogs and cats this season, buying everything from special treats to Santa hats and themed collars. The pet industry overall has been growing steadily, grossing $17 billion in 1994 to an estimated $55.53 billion in 2013. The surge in pet spending isn't that surprising when you factor in how many more pets are out there; about 62% of American households have a pet today, compared to only 56% in 1988. 

We all have our reasons for bringing pets into our lives: a friend who always makes you smile, a companion who helps relieve stress, an animal to come home to and nurture.  In a recent survey, 54% of Americans "consider themselves to be 'pet parents' instead of 'pet owners'." No wonder nearly 63% plan on including their animal in their holiday cards.


The 2013 Pet Budget



Because our dogs are such important members of our families, we want to give the gift of safety this season. Whether you are a pet parent yourself, or know someone who is, a doggie seatbelt is the perfect gift for the stocking or wrapped under the tree. Pampering our pets is a natural way to show we care, but ensuring their safety is truly paramount. Plus, 5% of our proceeds help charitable organizations protecting animals.  

Share your holiday traditions with us below in the comments!

Automotive Companies Show Pet Concern

02 October, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

If you are a dog owner and a fan of Zerimax, then you already know the importance of dog seat belts and securing your dog while driving. (Hopefully you are part of the 16 percent of owners who actually do it.) You know the dangers and distractions of riding with your pet. Finally, others are taking notice too. 

Subaru, already known for being safety-conscience and pet-friendly [see here], began funding research by the Center for Pet Safety; the first rounds of testing began this summer at a laboratory in Virginia, usually used specifically for testing child seats through crash simulations. But instead of babies and toddlers, a 25-pound terrier, a 45-pound border collie and a 75-pound golden retriever dummies were strapped in.

The results of the first rounds released this spring are disheartening, even shocking. While harnesses secure a dog in the backseat, preventing it from distracting the driver, in a crash, the tethers break -- failing to protect the human or canine occupants during an accident. 

In an interview with Automotive News, Dave Sullivan, the marketing, launch and strategy manager at Subaru of America, said, "We'd like to see something developed over time, but it's not really our job. We're trying to do our best to raise the issue."

Other auto companies are contributing to this pet project; both Toyota and Volvo sell barriers to protect -- or at least corral -- the dog in the luggage area. According to a 2011 "Wall Street Journal" article, "Company research shows that a 60-pound unbelted child in the back seat traveling 30 mph can suddenly turn into 2,700 pounds of force. 'A pet of the same size would become like a baby elephant' hurtling through the car, says Dan Johnston, spokesman for Volvo Cars North America." 

Ford is showing its support by partnering with the Humane Association to decrease the 100,000 dog fatalities each year caused when traveling in truck beds. While the truck company hasn't specifically endorsed a seat belt for dogs, bringing them inside the cab is at least an improvement. 

It is clearly a step in the right direction that automotive companies are taking an interest and responsibility in these matters; but ultimately, until there are specific standards and regulations, the risks and dangers remain.   

Watch the video to see the crash results for yourself, and keep an eye out for the second-round of results from the Center for Pet Safety to be released mid-October.

State Sen. Martin Sandoval’s Bill that Bans Animals on Driver Lap, Passes the Transportation Committee!

04 May, 2012 1 comment Leave a comment

SPRINGFIELD, Ill., May 1, 2012 – State SenMartin Sandoval, D-Cicero, filled a bill (, which will prohibit drivers from having animals on their laps while behind the wheel.  The bill passed the Transportation Committee on Tuesday, May 1st, the next step is the Senate floor.  If you haven't already done so please reach out to your legislators and urge them to support this ban by clicking on the icon.


The first day:

CBS Morning News - What's The Big Idea: The Doggie Seatbelt Friday 2/10

10 February, 2012 0 comments Leave a comment

Melissa Ramirez of Logan Square has invented a Doggie Seatbelt. She is our first guest in our new segment, 'What's the Big Idea?'