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The Right Fit: Harness vs. Collar

13 February, 2014 1 comment Leave a comment

The pet industry is saturated with clothing and accessories to customize for each of your pets. Zebra printed sweater? Jersey to support your favorite sports team? Bedazzled collar? 

We love the endless possibilities and the ability to express our pooch's personality with these choices. But at zerimax, safety is our first priority before fashion. And while a nylon harness may not be as stylish, it is often the safer option. We are fans of the harness for the ease and convenience when it comes to traveling with your pup. 

Our Doggie Seatbelt quickly clips on to your dog's back-attaching harness. This provides the proper restraint in case of an accident or sudden stop. A neck collar should not be used with the Doggie Seatbelt or any restraining device in the car. This could ultimately cause more damage to the throat and neck if the dog is flung from the seat. 

Outside of the car, harnesses are great for walks on the leash as well. Harnesses are the safest option for certain breeds, such as pugs and bull dogs with short muzzles and toy breeds and Greyhounds with delicate tracheas. Collars can create too much strain and pressure on the throat and restrict breathing. 

Harnesses can be beneficial to larger breeds who tend to pull and lunge. Again, with a collar, these behaviors will put more strain on the dog's neck, which may cause harm in the long term. A harness distributes the force across the entire chest, instead of focused around the neck. 

If harnesses seem daunting with all the straps and clasps, do not fret. While each brand may have a slightly different, the following directions are a great overview of the steps for overhead and step-in varieties



The proper fit is essential when it comes to your dog's harness. Check out our sizing chart for help and recommendations. 

Share your harness experiences and preferences in the comments below!