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Getting "Found" Faster

17 February, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

If you have lost your dog before, you know the panic, guilt, fear, and anxiety other pet parents have experienced during a similar situation. Your world speeds up and slows down simultaneously, as the worst-case scenarios flash through your brain along with a laundry list of actions to take to find your best friend; you know time is of the essence, but you are distraught, maybe even disoriented, and not sure how to start.

Thankfully, technology has replaced the old "Lost Dog" flyers posted to telephone poles. Finally, the instantaneous gratification of social media can be put to good use and do the leg work for us. Sites like Lost Dog Illinois share reports and blast photos on Facebook and Twitter to reach hundreds or thousands of "fans" and users.

A fellow Chicagoan recently benefited from this service and the awareness and outreach of other good dog-loving Samaritans. Four-year-old shih ztu, Gypsy, was found within five hours of slipping out of her backyard, and returned to her owner, Roger Harris, the following day.



You can read about Gypsy's story and the people who helped find her here.    

Check out Lost Dog Illinois or comment below and share similar sites, so we can all become part of these volunteer networks finding lost dogs!