Company Summary

Our mission is to keep dogs safe when traveling with their owners through education, selling quality dog seat belt products, and supporting charitable organizations that protect animals.

Our vision is to never see another dog hang out a car window!

Zerimax, Inc. was founded in 2009. Our tagline says it all; “We love dogs more than people.” We manufacture and sell quality tested seat belts for all sizes, breeds, and shapes of dogs. People buckle themselves and their children, but many let the dog sit on their lap or hang out the window. Only a small percent of people that drive with their dog use a restraint mechanism or dog seat belt (2%-15% in recent studies).

Unrestrained dogs are not only a danger to themselves, but they are even more dangerous to others in the car, especially young children. A 10 pound dog has the force of 80 pounds, when moving at only 40 mph! In addition, unrestrained dogs have been cited as a top 3 reason for distracted drivers.

The idea for Doggie Seat Belt, a specially developed restraint for small dogs, is what spawned the company. Most of the dog seat belts in the marketplace come with a built-in harness Doggie Seat Belt works with the dog’s existing harness, so it is easy to use and is more comfortable for the dog. Zerimax has evolved to sell other manufacturers’ seat belts, but we only partner with manufacturers who have done the necessary due diligence and rigorously test their products.


Additional Information
If you are not 100% satisfied with a dog seat belt for any reason, please return it for a full refund, no questions asked. When used appropriately, a dog seat belt will help prevent injury; unfortunately, all situations are different and we cannot guarantee safety.
5% percent of profit from dog seat belt sales are given to charitable organizations protecting animals. We are a big supporter of PAWS Chicago, Found, and others who help find homes for homeless pets, and work toward protecting all homeless pets from euthanasia.
Doggie Seat Belt  is printed sustainably using 100% wind power, responsibly harvested paper, vegetable based printing inks, and ultra-low V.O.C. pressroom chemistry™
CAUTION:  If you are in an accident while using a dog seatbelt and the airbags deploy, please throw away your Doggie Seatbelt and get a new one. It may look fine, but the strength of the parts may have been compromised during impact.