Keep Your Dogs Safe and Secure with a Dog Seatbelt

Help prevent serious injury
  • Minimize driver distraction
  • Avoid costly vet bills and guilt

Dog Seatbelt Benefits:

  • Help prevent serious injury to your dogs in an accident or fast stop
  • Avoid expensive vet bills in case of accident
  • Minimize driver distraction that can lead to at-fault accidents
  • Prevent injury of the driver and other people passengers (a 10 pound dog could be thrown with more than 80 pounds of force at another passenger, if the pooch is not secured)
  • Keep your dog safely inside while stopping for gas or while the windows are open
  • Helps your dog feel more secure and safe while traveling

Here’s What You Can Do TODAY to Help Protect Dogs from Injury

  1. Share the love on Facebook!
    Help your friends’ dogs stay safe from serious injury
  2. Show off your snazzy seatbelt! Invite your friends and their dogs to the dog park and show how your dog restraint system works.
  3. Give the gift of car safety. Put together a travel kit for your favorite friends’ dogs. Include a dog restraint system, like Doggie Seatbelt for smaller dogs or another system for larger dogs, a car cushion, and a water bowl with lid.

Dogs of all sizes deserve to travel safely by car. Here are more safety tips.  Take Action!